Development Styles



Coastline Building Group WA (CBG) is a specialist housing provider, tailored for the supply of multi-residential developments for retail investors, and community and affordable housing to the Not for Profit sector in the Southwest of Western Australia.

Whilst CBG maintains a presence in the traditional housing market, Kevin’s 25 years of experience in multi-unit development eventually led to the company redefining the major part of its’ capacity as a major supplier of multi-residential developments.

Winning many industry awards for design and construction along the way, and with major successful developments completed or underway in Eaton, Capel, Bunbury, and Australind, Coastline Building Group has developed the resume necessary to compete successfully in this competitive market.

We use our experience to provide the following services for our clients;

  • Sourcing land
  • Development of feasibility studies
  • Negotiation with stakeholders
  • Establishment of commercial development entities
  • Financing and investment
  • Documentation and Administration
  • Project management
  • Construction and delivery

We have developed well placed local contacts in areas like;

  • Local and State government
  • Southwest Development Corporation
  • Government housing departments
  • Local Not for Profit organisations
  • Local professional service providers (engineers, surveyors, planners etc.)
  • Retail outlets for product (including NRAS)

We also have a strong and loyal trade base of industry professionals who understand our service requirements.

All these strengths provide the peace of mind you need when embarking on a major development of this nature.



Coastline Building Group recognise that all investors are different.

Within similar frameworks, different entities are influenced by locality, purpose, and drive.

Flexibility in your partners is important, and it is here that Coastline Building Group excels.

We recognise the pressing need for:

  • Retail inner city living developments
  • Suburban small lot development
  • Community Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • AS 4299 and AS 1428.1 Compliant housing (disabled)
  • Freehold retirement housing, and
  • Facilities based retirement housing.

We have experience designing and building projects reflecting all of the above, and combinations thereof.



Coastline Building Group has experience “across the board” sourcing, designing, administering, managing and constructing these projects, and this means we are flexible in our approach to them.

If you are curious about the opportunities for this sort of development in the Southwest, we are very happy to meet and discuss your purpose and goals, and how they may fit in with Coastlines’ approach. We can see how our personnel will interact and if our target outcomes are compatible.

From this meeting we can source potential development sites and opportunities, discuss them with you, and if conducive, move towards a preliminary feasibility study. Within this, we can discuss financing, avenues to market, government support, and third party interest.

We are also keen to put our own finances into strong projects. Coastline has entered into a number of successful Joint Ventures, and Tenants in Common arrangements. This relaxes the parties, knowing we are committed to the projects’ success.

We can then move onto administering the development, developing preliminary designs in house, or through a 3rd party if preferred. Negotiating with council on the viability and approvals process, firming up on pricing and specifications.

Finally, we can project manage, and construct the dwellings efficiently and quickly, always with an eye on providing the best quality outcome for all partners.

Alternatively, you may already have much of the above work complete on a particular project, and be looking for a builder to tender on and build the project. Coastline is more than happy to help you in that role as well.