Let’s Design Together

So you have been through the displays, you have looked over the brochures, you have spoken to the salesman, but it isn’t getting you any closer to your new home.

We see this all the time. Fact is the project home “cookie cutter” experience certainly has its’ place, but it isn’t for everyone when it comes to building a new home.

In these days of readily available information, some people are looking for more. More say in the design of your home, more options to put into your home, and more experience than the typical project home salesman can offer you.

This is what we at Coastline Homes are best at, taking your thoughts, ideas, needs and wants, and turning them into the home of your dreams.

Unlike some other builders, Coastline Homes staff understand that the person that best comprehends what you are looking for in your home is YOU. Our role as your builder is to listen, interpret, and convey to paper YOUR ideas. We will guide you, giving mind to good building practise, aesthetics, and your budget, but your design will be the product of your individual needs.

We do this so well, and the design experience is so enjoyable, that our success rate is exceptional, and best of all the service is free of charge.

View some of the designs that resulted from people who were once in exactly the same position you are right now.

And when you are done, try putting some of your ideas down on our Design Form, it might just start you towards that individual home you have always wanted. Or if you want to look at the 3 dimensional drawings we provide our clients.