Where have all the “quarter acre” blocks gone?

Question: Where have all the “quarter acre” blocks gone?


In todays’ housing market, where it seems block sizes are shrinking ever smaller, and terms like “urban sprawl” and “inner city infill” are permeating the psyche, it isn’t hard to think that large family blocks are a thing of the past.

To some degree, this isn’t far from the truth. It is cheaper, and more efficient to infill around precious existing infrastructure, and this has made all level of government move towards policies of urban infill.

I remember the very first home I built for my own family, way back in the mid 80s (insert “old fella” joke here). The home was 80sqm of living area, and the block was 1100sqm. I built that home in Wanneroo north of Perth (considered “the sticks” back then), and it was still a smaller than average block for the area. It was however the perennial “quarter acre” block, and it was hard work.

With so much unused land, maintaining it was a chore, especially for a working dad with a young family. It was, however, the way into the housing market at the time, and it gave me an early taste for designing and building houses.

Whilst it is true we are gradually moving towards higher density living, in actual fact, these days all purchasers have a lot more choice in the size of their property, and accordingly how they want to live.

In the Greater Bunbury Region alone, you can find new 250 sqm rear loaded blocks in Dalyellup, 700 sqm traditional blocks in Millbridge, single acre sites in Roelands, and 5 acre sites in Stratham.

All these sites have been developed with a different demographic of client in mind. They all have their own challenges, but when you build a new home on any of them, some of the basic principles stay the same.

Principles like orientation, energy efficient design, room flow, aesthetics, site usage, and value for money all translate across whatever size and style of home you are going to build.

So find an expert in the field. One who can show you real examples of how they have managed these design challenges before. Use your property, regardless of its’ size, location and orientation to its’ full potential.

Be individual, be bold, and find a builder that listens to what YOU want, not one who wants to TELL you what you want.



Kevin Blackwood

Director Coastline Building Group WA Pty Ltd